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Training Programs

Training is a key factor in institutions development, especially brand-name ones. That's because such training is responsible for obtaining planned objectives and goals through developing professional skills of managers and their subordinates as well. So, investment in training is considered as sustainable development efforts sponsored by the foundation itself.

BMC offers advanced training programs in:

Management Programs:

  • Public Administration.
  • Human Resources Management.
  • Quality Management.
  • Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises.
  • Organizational Behaviour.
  • Planning.
  • Public Relations and Media.
  • Advanced Management.
  • Office Management.
  • Control.
  • Tourism Management.
  • Secretarial Management.
  • Materials and Operations Management.
  • Health Management.
  • Excellence Management.
  • Engineering Management.
  • General Marketing and Sales.

Financial and Banking Programs:

  • Accounting and Audit.
  • Credit Risk Management.
  • Economy and Budget.
  • Investment and Treasury.
  • Anti
  • Money Laundering.
  • Detection of Forgery.
  • Finance.
  • Islamic Banking.
  • Banking Operations.

Variety of Programs:

  • Computer and Applications.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Statistical and Data Analysis.
  • Business Management Technology.
  • Legal Aspects and Law.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Bourse Games.
  • Dissertation.

Professional Certification.

These fields are the most important themes which are associated with the operation and management of public, private institutions and entrepreneurship.